Solihull Academy


The Key combines individual support, group - based workshops and dedicated academic time to provide a comprehensive skill building programme based on individual needs and strengths.  Each student develops strategies during their time in The Key to help them be able to reflect on their behaviours, show respect for others and themselves and restore making amends with a positive outlook using Restorative Practice. 

The Key aims to reduce future school suspensions and\or disciplinary measures experienced by students, by offering them a constructive experience during a period of difficulty. This allows personal development in the skills needed to support themselves in their daily challenges, both in school and the wider community.

Reasons for a referral to The Key

  • Automatic Referral – replaces traditional suspension.
  • Prevention or Early Intervention – student is facing challenges at school but not deserving of a traditional suspension
  • Considered Among Other Resources – a tailored approach to support the child.
  • When other options have not worked – school options such as Restorative practice, parental meetings etc have failed to have an impact.
  • Last resort – The Key is the last resort to support the child at risk of permanent exclusion.

 The Key Performance Indicators:

  • To be able to remain calm\calm down

 (Anger management\ accountability for example)

  • Reflection on own behaviours and attitudes and how this affects  themselves and those around them
  • To understand accountability and show commitment to change moving forward.
  • To build up self-esteem and confidence in abilities.


The Key exit criteria is that each student is able -  

  • To build trust with others
  • To reflect on their actions, how\who has it affected
  • To be honest
  • To speak openly in front of others (in group work) gain confidence in their abilities.
  • Challenge current perceptions and previous experiences in schools.
  • To be successful in their academic and life goals
  • Support career pathways as set out by Solihull Academy.