Solihull Academy

Our Approach to Learning

At Solihull Academy we recognise that success for our young people is the product of strong relationships and mutual respect.

Our teaching and learning policy has been designed with relationships in mind. We know that as students and staff get to know each other progress is accelerated.

  • When we are ESTABLISHING relationships staff work hard to make lessons fun – using games and quizzes where we can to engage young people who may find the classroom experience challenging. We offer lots of praise and encouragement as well as helping students to understand why and how the work they are doing will help them.
  • As we move towards BUILDING relationships we ask students to engage with their academic targets and talk to them about how they can improve their knowledge and skills to achieve their goals. We use live marking to support students in understanding their progress and find opportunities within lessons to nurture skills relevant to potential career interests.
  • When staff and students are SECURING relationships we see our young people working with increasing independence and recognising the rewards of their hard work. Staff and students work closely to beat baseline targets and to secure career pathways.

We strive to use evidence informed practice across the Academy and continually adapt to meet the needs of our students. The CPD schedule for staff offers opportunities to access developments in education theory as well as the chance to work collaboratively with colleagues to reflect on our practice and improve the classroom experience for our students.