Solihull Academy

Personal Development

The intention of the personal development curriculum is to ensure that all students are exposed to the key areas of development that they require to ensure that they are prepared for adult life and that they can be successful. This is underlined by our core aim to ensure that no student leaves Solihull Academy as NEET (Not in Education, Employment or Training). We work with students to ensure that they receive individualised opportunities to support their needs, development and aspirations.

Students engaging with their personal development and future are also able to see the benefits of aiming high, meeting or exceeding baselines and recognise the importance of positive behaviour now, and for their future in the world of work.

We focus on a range of areas for development including:

Social Development

  • PHSE curriculum
  • Circle Time curriculum
  • Enrichment events
  • Student Voice – Student Reps
  • Circle of Friends
  • Family Time
  • Breakfast Club
  • Cross year sports clubs
  • Girls Group
  • 1-1 Interventions
  • Life Skills (Year 9)
  • Awareness Raising Events (National Days, Weeks and Months)
  • Circle assemblies
  • Lunch time activities

Moral Development

  • Religions and Spirituality (PSHE curriculum)
  • Positive Behaviour Policy (Restorative Practice)
  • Contributions to local, national and international charities.
  • Guest Speakers and External Workshops
  • Circle time curriculum
  • Trips
  • Life Skills (Year 9)
  • Awareness Raising Events (National Days, Weeks and Months)
  • 1-1 interventions/group interventions
  • Circle assemblies

Spiritual Development

  • Religion and Spirituality (PSHE Curriculum)
  • Support for the expression of individual faiths
  • Guest Speakers and External Workshops
  • Circle time curriculum
  • Trips
  • Life Skills (Year 9)
  • Awareness Raising Events (National Days, Weeks and Months)
  • 1-1 interventions/ counselling
  • Circle assemblies

Cultural Development

  • Guest Speakers and External Workshops
  • Trips
  • Life Skills (Year 9)
  • Awareness Raising Events (National Days, Weeks and Months)
  • PSHE Curriculum
  • Access to the languages and cultures of other countries through the curriculum
  • Promotion of racial equality and community cohesion through the school’s ethos
  • Circle time curriculum
  • 1-1 interventions/group interventions
  • Circle assemblies

Physical Development

  • Physical Education curriculum
  • MK Gym Sessions
  • Armed Forces workshops
  • Lunchtime activities - Gym, sports
  • Healthy Eating and catering provision/ teaching
  • Anti-bullying and safeguarding policies and strategies
  • The health, drugs, alcohol, smoking and sex and relationships and elements of the PHSEE curriculum
  • Activities available for unstructured time, including lunch and break times
  • Food preparation and nutrition curriculum (PSHE)
  • Trips (eg Laser Tag)
  • Food Parcels and deliveries

Careers and Personal Development

  • Careers and Information, advice and guidance curriculum
  • Personal Finance Education (PSHE based)
  • Employability skills
  • Personal, Social and Health Education Curriculum
  • Pastoral Support and Intervention
  • Transition support (including After Care and Alumni)
  • Work to develop confidence e.g. CV and interview skills workshops
  • Activities focused on building self-esteem
  • Mental Health & well-being provision
  • Counselling and 1-1 interventions
  • Youth worker and therapy dog sessions
  • Wellbeing activities and enrichment
  • Music and dance at lunch times
  • External agency support (Mentors, SISS)
  • Sensory room
  • Circle Time curriculum
  • Student Reps and Voice
  • Trips, Guest Speakers and Workshops
  • Vocational Provision

*Please note that this list is not exhaustive

All subject areas promote elements of SMSC within their curriculum as part of the school’s overall approach to SMSC curriculum.


Cultural Capital

Cultural capital is defined as the accumulation of knowledge, behaviours, and skills that a student can draw upon and which demonstrates their cultural awareness, knowledge and competence; it is one of the key ingredients a student will draw upon to be successful in society, their career and the world of work. Careers and Employability are key focuses of our school and our curriculum. We want our students to aim high and achieve their goals.  We work very hard to ensure that students get all the experiences to help them develop and be equipped for their futures.

Our personal development curriculum allows us to create bespoke opportunities to build on an individual’s cultural capital, linking to their needs, experiences and aspirations. This is an on-going process throughout the academic year, as opportunities present themselves we add more activities to the offer.

At Solihull Academy, we have also introduced a baseline to measure cultural capital experiences as a minimum for all students. Using the framework created by Every Child Should we create further opportunities to develop a student’s skills, knowledge and provide experiences to broaden their horizons.
50 things every child should know, have done or be able to do...