Solihull Academy

Mercury Centre

Delivering an outstanding alternative provision for students with EHCPs who struggle to engage with the demands of mainstream education. 

Our students have already faced challenges, difficulties, and failings in their mainstream education however our dedicated team are committed to supporting the development of our young people, emphasising the starting with the Mercury pathway is a fresh start!

Academic needs are achieved through a person-centred approach, with an individualised learning experience.

We will achieve this with a personalised curriculum that develops knowledge, skills and understanding and creates clear values.

All students will feel respected and have a sense of belonging in a safe and inspiring environment.

They will develop their skills for positive social relationships and emotional health and well-being that will transfer into their adult lives beyond the Mercury Pathway.

Mission Statement

To enable students with SEMH needs and EHCPs to learn, progress and grow in all aspects of their development providing them the skills to change their educational futures and life chances for Solihull’s most vulnerable and at-risk children.


Our ethos is based on the beliefs that:

An eclectic, flexible, personalized approach utilising strengths and interests is necessary to the development of individual skills.

Young people with SEMH, ASC and other individual needs can continue to develop skills and strategies that enable them to participate as independent, valued citizens, leading to an independent life.

Students will understand the purpose of their education, as well as developing self-confidence and self-esteem.

Through working alongside children and young people, developing strong ‘working with’ relationships, effective strategies can be developed that enable them to contribute to, and be consulted with, on all aspects of their lives. Children and young people in our care will flourish, have fun and achieve.

 What we offer to our Students:

  •  A small, nurturing environment.
  • Small class sizes with 1 adult to every 3 to 4 children, ensuring all students receive the right level of support.
  • Caring and committed practitioners who can make sure that our students make progress in their learning from entry to the Mercury pathway, through engaging lessons that motivate the learner.
  • A curriculum that is built around the learners needs but install confidence and will prepare our leavers for their next steps into further education or training.
  • Specific support based on the needs of each student including interventions to support social, emotional and mental health needs
  • Support for students to develop and improve appropriate behaviour through PSHE and targeted interventions to make the young learner a rounded individual.


The curriculum intent is to engage all pupils with education in a positive way. It will develop their confidence and aspirations for the future.

The overall purpose of our curriculum is to prepare pupils for adulthood through a positive and supportive framework that helps to develop:

  •  Confident individuals - who lead safe, healthy and fulfilling lives
  •  Successful learners - who enjoy school, make great progress and achieve a range of qualifications
  •  Responsible citizens - who make productive contributions to society

The nurture curriculum is delivered by nurture practitioners with input from specialist teachers and instructors when required. The morning contains core subjects including English, maths, and science, which are embedded into a selection of key stage topics. In the afternoon, pupils access a personal development programme incorporating areas such as citizenship and values, humanities, music interventions, art therapy, and physical education.

This curriculum is supported by a range of interventions.

Key Stage Four

Our KS4 curriculum includes SEMH, core and optional elements. Core elements include maths, English and science which are delivered through topic-based lessons.

Additional options such as music interventions, vocational courses and humanities are available when required.

All pupils in KS4 access a personal development programme that includes PSHE and humanities.

This curriculum is supported by a range of interventions and outdoor education.


Mercury Centre young people will be hard-working and inquisitive individuals who will build on the Solihull Academy values. Demonstrating:

  • Respect
  • Restorative Practice
  • Resilience
  • Readiness to Learn
  • Safety

Using a positive behaviour approach students will feel rewarded for their successes however minor.

Our positive expectations are based on:

Healthy and well   Prepared
Independent  Engaged
Growth mindset Aiming high
Happiness Kindness and compassion

These expectations help our students to develop behaviours that prepare them for adulthood and a good quality of life.