Solihull Academy


Orbital is a unique provision for students who are new to the area and have found it difficult to obtain a place within a mainstream setting, usually due to a lack of capacity.

We give students the opportunity to study for the final year of their GCSE or equivalent exams, and to sit their exams at Solihull Academy.

This package is bespoke to the needs of each individual student, and can vary between part time and full time depending on the number of GCSE’s or equivalent courses they are studying for.

We have the facility to support our students with travel to and from school, and we provide weekly physical enrichment activities.

For some of our students - who have moved from overseas - we encourage them to aim for an additional language GCSE in their first language and do all we can to support them in this endeavour.

We work closely with each individual student to secure appropriate next steps. Last year,100% of Solihull Academy students went into further education, training or employment after leaving school.

Orbital is not just about “the now” but very much about the future.