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The PSHE department at Solihull Academy aims to ensure students experience all aspects of Personal, Social, Emotional and Economic education.

PSHE exposes students to the expectations and pressures within the wider world and educates them so that they are more capable of making informed and responsible choices. This includes all aspects of British Values. Where possible we try and ensure that our curriculum reflects local issues, priorities and events that students can relate to; this also helps them to see the needs and expectations in their communities.

Students need support to become empowered to make academic and personal progress and to take their next steps after school to ensure that they achieve their career aspirations. PSHE provides pupils with the holistic skills and knowledge needed for their future. We provide a tailored careers curriculum which supports the students through their journey to their post 16 destination.

Relationships are key at Solihull Academy and so in PSHE we also focus on positive relationships, respect, sex education, equality and diversity. We fulfil our requirements under the Relationships and Sex Education Policy firstly through PSHE and Science curriculum.

PSHE focuses on the personal development of each individual student, through employability skills, character development, student voice, cultural capital and SMSC (Social, Moral, Spiritual and Cultural). 

There are designated weekly PSHE sessions for all students, however other subject areas do also teach and promote aspects of the curriculum. For example, the science department also teach parts of Relationships and Sex Education.  PSHE themes are also promoted through daily circle time, guest speakers, workshops, trips, pastoral teams, 1-1 interventions and meetings.

Our PSHE supports students to secure positive destinations after Year 11 and helps to ensure that no students leave school not in Full Education, Employment or Training. Furthermore, we work closely with the students to develop skills for teaching and learning which support their targets to meet or exceed baselines. PSHE helps our students to understand the importance of making positive and safe choices, and to recognise the impact of their behaviour and actions on themselves or others in the community and within school. This in turn supports our positive behaviour expectations and the aim of reducing exclusions, using restorative practice.

PSHE Curriculum Year 9

PSHE Curriculum Year 10

PSHE Curriculum Year 11

Life Skills (Year 9)

Year 9 Students also study Life Skills. This provides the students with an opportunity to explore skills that are needed for life, including awareness of key topics and issues in society and the wider world. Students will explore a range of topics linking to the environment, health and illness, discrimination, poverty etc. Once a term students will engage with practical life skills linking to tasks such as DIY, cleaning, administration and cooking to develop their skills further. These sessions will help students to feel more informed and empowered as they prepare to enter the world of work and independence.

Year 9 Life Skills Scheme of Work