Solihull Academy

Our Governance

As part of a Trust, Solihull Academy falls under the Governance of Solihull Alternative Provision Multi Academy Trust. Please see our Trust website for details on our Board of Trustees and governance structure:

Trust website 


At Academy level, we have a Local Advisory Board (LAB), comprising of: 

  • Mr D. Gelder; Chair of Local Advisory Committee and member of Trustee Board 
  • Mr M. Wilson: Link Trustee to Trustee Board matters other than standards
  • Mrs K. Dockery, Principal from Solihull Academy and Mrs T. Whitehouse, Headteacher Daylesford Academy
  • Two Parent Representatives to be selected by parent ballot. (Current vacancies)
  • Three Members from Daylesford Academy management board: J. Hamilton, Y. Obaidy and G. Bennett


Overall, the function of the Local Advisory Board is to provide local oversight, support, and accountability within the Multi Academy Trust (MAT), while also ensuring that the unique identity and needs of Solihull Academy are respected and addressed.


Specifically, our Local Advisory Board will:

  • Provide local representation for the interests and needs of Solihull Academy within the Trust. They ensure that the unique characteristics, challenges, and strengths of Solihull Academy are taken into account in decision-making processes.
  • Provide appropriate support and challenge to the Academy leadership. They may offer guidance, advice, and expertise to help improve educational outcomes, quality of education and overall Academy performance. Additionally, they may challenge decisions or strategies that they believe are not in the best interests of the Academy or its students.
  • Monitor the performance of Solihull Academy within the Trust. This involves reviewing data, reports, and other relevant information to assess progress towards agreed-upon goals and targets.
  • Ensure accountability. Our LAB contributes to the overall accountability of the MAT by ensuring that Solihull Academy is operating effectively, efficiently, and in compliance with relevant regulations and standards.
  • Facilitate communication and engagement between Solihull Academy and the local community. They may seek input from parents, students, staff, and other stakeholders to inform decision-making and ensure that the Academy remains responsive to the needs of our community.
  • Serve as a link between Solihull Academy and the Trust Board of the MAT. They relay important information, concerns, and feedback from the local level to the central governance structure of the Trust.